Testimonials and About Choose Reverse


We refinanced twice with Choose Reverse.  First, to eliminate our traditional mortgage.  Then, a year later after our house continued to increase in value, we helped our daughter buy a house with our second refinance.

Ray and Jan O.

I refinanced twice with Choose Reverse.  First to eliminate my traditional mortgage.  A year+ later after the house continued to increase in value, I refinanced again and bought an investment property out of state.

Judith M.

I am building an ADU at my son’s house for me to move into.  I used a Reverse Refinance to pull cash out to build the ADU before selling my Condo.  The whole process was PERFECT!  I am so happy my Trustee suggested this mortgage.

Nadine S.

I asked my previous mortgage broker about a reverse mortgage.  He said our closing costs would be $35k+ and we had to bring $30k to closing.  Choose Reverse waived 90% of these closing costs and gave me $40k BACK!

Mary B.

About Choose Reverse

Choose Reverse is a specialized division of Up Capital & Mortgage, Inc.  Our company headquarters is located in San Francisco, CA, with loan officers distributed throughout the state of California. 

We built Choose Reverse to focus solely on Reverse Mortgages.  Why put so much effort into one element of home lending?  Because this level of specialization allows us to deliver a higher level of customer service. 

We have over three decades of mortgage industry experience.  Our trained representatives are here to provide insight and help you select the right options to meet your financing goals. 

Our proprietary technology and unique Options Reports take the guesswork out of financing, while streamlining your overall experience.

At Choose Reverse, we believe it is our fiduciary responsibility to offer our clients the highest level of service.  We make it our priority to minimize stress and simplify the often-challenging task of securing financing.  What does this mean in the real world?  We work hard behind the scenes to make your process simpler and faster.

To learn more, please reach out to us by phone, email, or the contact forms on this website. Our decades of mortgage experience are available to you whenever you need financing for your home.